Furniture Manufacturing

Custom furniture for your home, commercial, office, educational or medical institution. Creating a modern interior have the ability to meet even seem unrealistic ideas. Materials for furniture you can choose from a variety of species, colors and textures, panels, wood, plywood, glass and metal structures. Acrylic artificial stone provides individuality and charm to your home interior. This material is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom furniture, wash-basins, sinks produce. It is also an indispensable material for public institutions – restaurants, cafes, tabletops, hotels of reception tables, bars, medical office furniture, public toilets and so on. Furniture using Hettich, Blum and other well-known firms accessories. We also offer cost effective solutions with quality, but less expensive accessories. We sell the best known brands of home appliances, sinks and mixers.

Relationship with customers we start before the furniture production. Even during the construction or repair of the project in question. According to it, we advice how to wire plumb, gas and ventilation properly. We seek accuracy, before designing customer’s furniture we always go to a client first. Along a future furniture designs, a selection colors.

Our work focuses on quality. As we are not the biggest in the market, so we are trying to make our customers happy. Our work and activities justify the high quality of service. This is the most important part of the corporate strategy and the strongest business side. For quality assurance, we choose not advertising promises, but the real benefits based on the proposals – all the work we provide 24 months warranty. This is not a campaign, such obligations shall be deemed always when performing any orders.

Creativity is the another side of our strong points. By taking works ew try to be carried out correctly and at the same time provide aesthetic pleasure, so customers always propose the ideas to liven up or newly created exciting, original home or office space.

Another reason why customers appreciate the partnership with us – our works’ culture. Perhaps you understand that the cleanliness in fitted or repaired housing is not feasible, we respect our customers property, workplace and always support the order.