Interior design development stage:
General concept, space planning, furniture layout plans.
Drawings visualization plans.
Finishing materials selection.
Furniture design.
Copyright maintenance.

General concept, space planning, furniture layout plans.

Solutions sought as comfortable and functional planning of housing, office space or office, as arranged furniture, the environment more comfortable, harmonious and functional.
What colors to choose depends on each individual character, desires, and specific facilities. How to create a favorite style, the overall integrity of the environment and the desired mood and make it harmonious, comfortable and unique for each client’s needs and preferences.
Plans developed functional space layout, design, 3D visualizations..

Drawings, visualizations, plans:

Furniture layout plan;
Partition plan;
Sanitary appliances Plan;
Heated floor plan;
Floor plan of the sky;
Ceiling Plan;
Lighting layout plan;
Power sources;
Wall and ceiling color plan;
Interior materials used in the installation of choice;

Finishing materials selection.

It is a very important part of the job, since they belong to a common interior picture and harmony, different colors, textures, shapes, alignment with each other.
Once you have the concept of interior design each room selected specific components and materials: plumbing devices, appliances, flooring, wall and ceiling colors, wallpaper, tiles, furniture, curtains, lamps and other accessories.
Collection of decorative materials depends on the customer’s specified price level and interior design concepts.

Furniture design.

Each designed for a specific interior storage furniture, taking into account the overall interior design concept, the client’s wishes and financial possibilities.

Copyright maintenance.

The next step is to ensure that construction works comply with the established and coordinated the project with you is our cooperation with the foreman. Copyright maintenance often provide more accurate and high-quality construction process.